Aixa Maldonado-Quinones, Partner

Attorney Aixa Maldonado-Quinones

Aixa Maldonado is a Partner at ZEK’s Washington, D.C. and New York City Offices and a member of the firm’s Anti-Money Laundering/Financial Crime, White Collar Defense and Government Investigations groups.

For over twenty-two years, Ms. Maldonado served as a federal prosecutor with both the U.S. Department of Justice’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section and U.S. Attorney’s Offices. She has served as lead counsel in money laundering, asset forfeiture and Bank Secrecy Act criminal and civil, multi-district and international investigations, litigation and initiatives focusing on financial institutions, gatekeepers and kleptocrats. She also counseled and mentored DOJ Criminal and Civil Division, U.S. Attorney’s Office and U.S. Department of the Treasury personnel on international money laundering, BSA, asset forfeiture, and investigative and litigation matters. As MLARS money laundering and asset forfeiture liaison to the Mexican Government, she provided case mentoring, counsel on legislative efforts and coordinated bilateral sharing and investigations. She also trained domestic and international judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and analysts on criminal and civil federal practice, money laundering, and asset forfeiture.

During her tenure as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, Ms. Maldonado also served as lead OCDETF attorney and HIDTA Coordinator in charge of prosecuting narcotics, complex money laundering, public corruption, white collar, and criminal and civil asset forfeiture cases. She also received a number of awards while at the DOJ, including the Assistant Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service, the Executive Office of U.S. Attorney’s Director’s Award for Superior Performance as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, and multiple law enforcement awards. Earlier in her career, Ms. Maldonado represented counseled both individual and corporate clients in commercial, contracts and insurance litigation.

Ms. Maldonado is a frequent speaker on money laundering, BSA, asset forfeiture, criminal procedure and financial investigations.

Representative government PROSECUTIONS AND CLIENT DEFENSE include:

Prosecuted elected official for extortion and corrupt solicitation of FEMA funds in exchange for awarding disaster cleanup contracts.

Lead attorney of prosecution against Department of Veteran’s employees who embezzled and laundered over $1.3 million in federal funds by inflating, submitting and processing reimbursement forms in exchange for kickbacks.

Led prosecution against public official for extorting hospital equipment distributor by fear and under color of official right.

Led U.S. District Court to U.S. Supreme Court prosecution of civil forfeiture action in rem against millions of dollars in funds and assets held by British Virgin Islands shell company, laundered through five brokerage accounts, and traced back 16 years to OFAC and Kingpin Act-designated member of Colombian and Mexican cartel.

Prosecuted attorney charged with wire fraud conspiracy and laundering the proceeds of the illegal distribution of prescription drugs through his attorney client trust account.

Represented hotel management and insurance companies on insurance and contractual matters and litigation.

Represented transnational consumer goods company under Puerto Rico Dealership Act, in wrongful death action.

Appointed by DOJ Acting Assistant Attorney General and MLARS Chief to meet, train, mentor and discuss bilateral evidence sharing with Mexican Government officials for use in fraud, money laundering and asset forfeiture bilateral investigations.

Prosecution of criminal organization involved in laundering millions of dollars in drug cartel proceeds from Colombia through Puerto Rico and the United States.

Prosecuted violent drug gang member of a continuing criminal enterprise who participated in the carjacking, torture and murder of three individuals.