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June 22, 2015 — ZEK’s Deborah Housen-Couriel to discuss “Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design” at 5th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel

On Monday, June 22. 2015, ZEK’s Deborah Housen-Couriel will be speaking at the 5th Annual International Cybersecurity Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel.  She will be a member of the Legal Round Table discussing “Cybersecurity and Privacy by Design.”  The Cybersecurity Conference is part of Cyber Week 2015, one of the most important annual cyber events in Israel.

A link to the conference follows:

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Deborah Housen-Couriel is Special Counsel to ZEK’s New York and Tel Aviv offices, and a member of its Cybersecurity practice group.  Ms. Housen-Couriel is a Fellow at Tel Aviv University’s Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security, where she has been involved in the development of Israel’s national cybersecurity policy; a lead researcher at the Minerva Center at Haifa University’s Law Faculty; an Associate Researcher at the Herzliya Institute for Counter-Terrorism and a member of its Cyber Desk Review. She is a member of the CCDCOE International Group of Experts currently drafting the “Tallin 2” manual on state activity in cyberspace; and of the ILA Study Group on Cybersecurity, Terrorism and International Law. She served on the public committee of Israel’s National Cyber Bureau dealing with cybersecurity professions, and in 2010-11 co-chaired the National Cyber Initiative’s Policy and Regulation Committee. She has published research on aspects of the legal and policy aspects of Israeli and global cybersecurity.