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ZEK Sponsors One Hour Bank Payment Issues CLE in Charlotte, N.C. Wednesday January 23, 2019

The CLE will concentrate on bank payment fraud.  The first part will review check fraud, discussing the three typical types of fraud:  forged check signatures, forged check indorsements, and material alterations.  Uniform Commercial Code Articles 3 and 4 authority for claims against banks and for bank defenses will be reviewed.  The second part will consist of a discussion of funds transfer fraud, also known as commercial wire transfer fraud.  Topics will include Uniform Commercial Code Article 4A authorized claims against banks and bank defenses, concentrating on appropriate commercially reasonable security procedures between banks and their customers.

ZEK has secured MCLE approval (or approval is pending) for this program from appropriate authorities in California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Texas.  For more information please contact JaneAnn Tobin by emailing