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E-discovery is now a critical aspect of both litigation and regulatory investigations.  Often, trial and settlement results are determined by the proper management of data and the e-discovery process.  Haphazard approaches to data preservation, collection and production for use in litigation or investigations can lead to costly sanctions and unfavorable outcomes.  Businesses today must manage appropriately where and how electronic information is stored and establish information governance programs that ensure compliance with discovery obligations.

ZEK has managed the discovery process, and counseled our clients, regarding
e-discovery issues across a wide range of industries and commercial matters.  They include issues concerning: bankruptcy, federal and state regulations, anti-money laundering, foreign corrupt practices and class action litigation.  We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all e-discovery strategy and tailor our approach to the business, operations, procedures and technological capabilities of each client.  We use our extensive experience and expertise to meet discovery obligations in litigation and to comply with statutory and regulatory schemes, while managing costs and being mindful of clients’ business needs.

ZEK also works with clients to develop reasonable and defensible procedures, appropriate to the specifics of their business, that allow them to better manage future e-discovery responsibilities.  Our e-discovery attorneys leverage extensive backgrounds and training in information technology systems, computer science, digital forensics and investigations and data management, security and privacy to work collaboratively with companies’ legal and IT departments to draft policies ideally suited to the needs and capabilities of each client.